curvature of a violin


my name is Fabian Steinkogler and this is my first post on this site.
Cause my native language is austrian german my english is not that well. So please exscuse all the mistakes ill do :wink:

ok, lets start:

At this moment iam modelling a violin. its a lot of hard work and iam not as good as it belongs to such an project.
i got a big problem with the curvature of the violins top.
cause iam an luthier i know how to do this work by my own hands but is it possible to let the computer calculate most of it? there are five templates called quints. another template shows the curvature along…
any ideas how to model this?

greetings from upper austria
Fabian Steinkogler

ps.: i work alot with .svg - files cause its much easier to import curves in blender than createn them in blender. thats why i attached the files. hope u get it :wink:


Wö (1.8 MB)

not certain what you want to do with these?

so what do you want to do with these templates ?

does this represent the curvature of the front and back of the violin at different location

can you show pic where these template goes on the violin?

here is a low res of your pic

is it like different cross section along the main axis of the violin like this

note i did not change the height of the section!

dont know where your cross section are going ?

can you show where they are going ?
also this does not give the rounded ends

happy blendering

u put them on the top

Making computer 3D surface is same as what you do by hand. Only difference is computer uses numbers. Here is the approach:

I used your photo here for the template. It is not accurate. But it shows the process. Create section curve for each section and bridge them to make a surface.

here’s a tutorial on modelling a violin, I haven’t watched this particular one, but his other tutorials were pretty good.

I would model the violin body with flat top and bottom surfaces first. This will make it much easier to add the cutout detail etc.
Then use a lattice modifier to distort the top and bottom surfaces to match your quints.

Excuse the goofy cutout shape on the attached example.


quick_violin.blend (912 KB)