Curve and array modifiers positioning problems

Hello, I am new here

I have a problem during creating very basic model - light bulb attached to wire. I have already created models of bulb and wire segment, now I want to make full-length wire and attach it to bulb.

To do it, I have added Bezier curve and attached both ends to “empty” objects. Also, one of empties is parent of bulb object. This way, I got almost what I need - I could manipulate wire by moving two empty objects. Additionally, it would be always properly attached to bulb.

The problem is that now, I cannot properly align wire object to curve. I am adding two modifiers for wire segment: “Array” and “Curve”. I have two problems with that:

  1. Despite of setting “Fit Curve” to my Bezier curve, wire segment does not duplicate properly (it’s lengths is much much shorter that curve’s; I have set “Fixed count” as a temporary workaround).

  2. Wire does not follow Curve properly. When I move the down “empty” object, I would like only the down of wire to move. Unexpectedly, it moves it’s start point along the axes. I don’t know why this happens.

I am attaching .blend file and screen of my project. On the screen, it is visible, that my wire starts not in the place where Bezier curve starts. I hope someone will be able to solve my (probably obvious for more advanced users) problem.

bulb.blend (1.08 MB)

PS. On my 3D-View, I have some strange, always visible rectangle, made by red dotted lines. I have added it by some hotkey I pressed by accident and now, I don’t know what is it. How can I remove it?

You have two things wrong with your cable model.
1 - It has a scale of 0.05726 (press N for properties panel). It needs to be 1. Clear the scale by selecting your object and Ctrl+A / scale
2 - The cable is in the wrong location. It needs to have its origin in the same location as the origin of the curve. Select the curve then Shift+S / curser to selected, then select the cable object and Shift+S / selected to curser
Then in the array modifer set it to ‘Fit Curve’

Well, works like a charm! Thank you very much for the quick, accurate and precise help :slight_smile: