curve animation help

hi :slight_smile:
i’m having a hard time with an animation because the tank treads are moving in the opposite direction. No matter how i adjust the ipo curves, they keep moving backwards.
This is frustrating :frowning:

Anyone know of a tutorial on the modifiers? (they are too hard to figure out without proper documentation and examples)


Select the Path Curve, Tab into Edit mode, W >> Switch Direction.


thank you for your suggestion. I tried that a few times last night but still, like magic, the direction will not change.
Sorry for my wording (above post) i need this for work on Monday and got frustrated.

I’ll take it apart and start over. Maybe the mistake is in the parenting.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Well, maybe after switching direction your IPO is now backwards?


sweeeeeeeeet modeling, dude. Be sure its not an optical illusion, you know, like seeing a wheel spinning at a certain speed because of eyeball shutter speed makes it look like its spinning backward…