Curve Bake and Time Remapping behavior


I was extensively using in 2.69 the association of baked curves (using ops.graph.bake) with Time Remapping to mix different animations framerates, typically to render 12 fps characters with 25 fps camera moves, as the Curve Bake was “frozing” the curves without interpolating the new frames of a Time Remapping.
But as I can see in 2.72 the remapping seems to interpolate strangely the baked curves, with a strange bounce, making it unusable.

Here is a scene illustrating the behavior. The scene has been animated in 12fps then remapped from 12 to 25, the left cube left untouched, the middle one sampled with each frame made constant (reproducing the result of a Bake in 1.69) and the right one has been baked.
.blend [450KB]
(A video is attached below)

Do you know how I could tweak this behavior (somewhat-deep scripting is permitted, as the routine is encapsulated in an addon anyway), or otherwise another method to get the same result ?

Thanks !

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