Curve Basher Addon [Official Thread]

The Curve Basher Addon for Blender let’s you generate large amounts of curves and append kitbash on top, like sci-fi cables or chains. It includes several presets if you want fast results, but it works with your own curve kitbash too. Powerful but simple to use, a worthy tool for any 3d concept artist!

You can find it on Gumroad or the Blender Market and more updates/improvements are in the works.

[Watch 5 Minute Demo Video]

What’s New in 1.3?

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How do I report bugs or crashes?

Here’s my email: [email protected]
Send a screenshot of the error and I will upload a fix as soon as I can. An email is a lot more helpful than a bad review :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this addon still being developed?

Absolutely! From bug fixes to feature/tool requests and workflow improvements.

Can you add this or that feature?

Sure, I’m always open to ideas, but sometimes I have to prioritize more important features over a single person’s request.

What about Blender 2.83 (LTS) and lower?

The next LTS version is not too far away so I will probably prioritize newer versions of Blender over older ones. Currently, the minimum required version is Blender 2.90 or higher.

What does Curve Basher do compared to X addon?

I can’t speak for other creators or what their addons might do, but my goal is to make Curve Basher the most powerful tool it can be without sacrificing usability. Developing this addon has become my passion and we’re just getting started.


it’s nice to see Curve Basher finally on blender artist.
Do you think it would be possible to add some kind of dynamic curves ?
TopoWire on cinema 4D is a good example.

Generating curves based on the the shape of the primitive used and being able to connect all curves to all the other generators like a network? Yes, I actually envisioned these two things for the next update.

Gravity simulations for the curves? Obviously I would like that too but it’s tricky. I’ll get around to it eventually but right now I’m coding the addon by myself. Definitely interested but don’t think I can fit that into next release. For now we can still fake gravity by simply pressing the gravity button in the redo panel :stuck_out_tongue:

Perpetually editable curve system?
That’s something I’ve wanted since the beginning but I fear it might be the hardest to implement. C4D is way more non-destructive than Blender as far as I can tell, but maybe geometry nodes can be an answer to this in the future (I would use them under the hood only, I don’t wanna force people to use nodes). But yes, I would love WireGen properties to be editable at all times!

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Just found out this one. Amazing stuff, mate! Thanks so much

Thank you for liking it! Haha

Just bought the addon and its superb!

I have a question, is there a way to reactivate the wire generator? I find myself committing the tool but then wanting to change the number or the randomness etc.

Would it be possible to add an option to automatically create a duplicate of the selected curves → make them into actual meshes ready for fbx export → hide original curve bash items?
It would make my workflow super fast with iterating on curves in a game engine!

Thanks for making this addon, definitely worth paying for

Making the Wire Generator editable at all times is on my wishlist (maybe even at the top). I have a basic idea on how to approach it but I want to consult with someone smarter than me first (shouldn’t be hard to find), just to make sure I’m not missing a simpler solution.

About exporting the geometry, I tested this for someone else ( and it seems FBX automatically converts everything to meshes just fine, no duplicates necessary. Just make sure you check “selected only” so you don’t export your entire scene.

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Ah that’s good to hear, looking forward to it!
I tried exporting before but had “other” unselected, user error in other words. Exporting works like you said.

I appreciate how active you are here and on YouTube.