Curve BevelOb on tight corners

I’m using a pretty simple bevel shaped like a parenthesis ) for the edge of a few objects that I’m importing as curves. I’ve noticed that on tight corners, the bevel overlaps itself, because there are 2 or 3 points on the curve that are so close that when the bevel is applied inside them, the top-most part of the bevels (and lower-most part, symmetrically) overlap each other.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to avoid that, but still keep the tight rounded corners. The only way I’ve found to eliminate the overlap is to move the points further apart - making the corner less tight. It would be nice if the tangent that the bevel followed was controlled by the control points of the bezier curve so that I could move the control points until the bevels weren’t overlapping anymore (since I have the resolution of the curve set to 1, that wouldn’t affect the shape of the curve anyway). However, moving the control points seems to have no effect on the tangent that is used by the bevel.

Not sure, but I haven’t heard of anything you can do directly. I’ve run into that before too.
You probably will have to convert it to a mesh and fix the faces by hand. One possibility would be to use a couple of curves instead of the bevel, convert to mesh, and then bridge the curves. I think that would be the easiest way. And then adjust the polygon density with the subsurface modifier, of course.

Otherwise, if you NEED to keep them as curves, you might have to create a nurbs version and model the bevel that way instead of using bevelled curves. Probably more complex than using polygons though.