Curve control vertices problem

i have this bug in the program that i discovered when editing a curve. when in edit mode of a curve, choosing a vertix wont move the select orb to it and the select orb remain on the middle vertix of the control sagment.
when selecting the middil control vertix:


when selecting a non middel control vetix:

this problem only appeared on this file, and the problem applies to any new curve i add to the file.

If I understand the problem correctly: “Move” gizmo is not appearing at handle point…?

Seems like it’s because of Transform Pivot Point: located at the top bar between Orientation and Snapping. It’s currently set to Active Element (which is a bezier curve point in this case, not its handles).
Try setting pivot to Bounding Box.

You got the idea, I’ll try your suggestion next time I use the app