Curve Converter

Version 0.4 is up, fixes moving the mesh object issues

Hi Jacob but it’s impossible to download your file now. Your Drive is secure today! Weird?

Just fixed it, sorry, I did things a little differently and the sharing options didn’t get set as I wanted.

Thanks a lot Jacob!

Better and better Jacob, I love it…
I will try to propose you some change in UI later…

Propagate changes in curve edit mode throws an error, in object mode works.
Blender 2.72b 64bit Win7 64bit.


update blender 2.73?

Somehow I never got notified for this, I will update the script so it won’t run in edit mode

I just tested it and it works fine in 2.73, they didn’t change anything to my knowledge that would affect this addon, but if you found something let me know or post a bug report on my website

Version 0.6 is out, fixed the error found by @JuhaW

thanks so much!! really useful:)

Glad to hear it.

Is it possible to keep materials in mesh object when update mesh ?

It was doing that, something just have changed. I’ll look into it.

Materials are now transferred correctly, check out the newest version.

Hi, nice addon!! (there seem to be an extra “s” on line 21 that makes the script not run.)
Question/request: It would be nice to have an “update mesh” button on the curve itself as well. That way we don´t have to first select the curve to do the changes, and then select the mesh to apply it. It becomes quite tedious after a while :slight_smile:

Check out the latest version, that error has been fixed and the feature was added a couple months ago. Now on the curve you have a “Propagate Changes” button that will update all mesh objects that are using that curve’s data.

The latest version i can find is 0_7, and in that file line 21 have “na.append(o.names)s”, removing the “s” will make the script work.

oh, so that´s what that button do. I guess i just got confused by the name. :o

problem in activating the addon

Sorry about that, the version I had on my computer didn’t have that. Go head and download 0.7 again, it should be fine now.