Curve cube

Hi all,

I haven’t use Blender for ages, so sorry if the question is too basic, and sorry also for my english… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve create a cylinder and extrude its individual faces to create something like a circle of “bricks”.
But each brick is too flat, I would like to curve all the bricks.
I’ve tried to use the curve modifier with a Bezier Circle buy I cannot get the result I want.
I hope I have explained well, in the attach image you can see what I have in my blend file.

Do you know how can I do it?
Thanks in advance.

You cannot curve a single edge. Subdivide the brick so it can follow the shape of the curve

EDIT: Sorry duplicated post

Hi Richard, thanks for answer.

I’ve subdivided the mesh, but it didn’t work.

Hi, In the end I did it using proportional edit…

Like this?

mzBrick.blend (94.2 KB)

Yes and no, I want to create a tower yes, but with less amount of bricks and each brick has to be curved, a litle…
I’ve managed to do it subdividing the bricks and using proportional edit;


puerta_001.blend (612 KB)

Ok, mziskandar, in the end I’m going to use your solution, in order to have more control over the shape of each brick, I’ve only needed to subdivide a little the original brick to curve the duplicates along the curve.

I’m trying to do it myself;

So, I’ve created a single brick.
Added an Array modifier.
Added a Curve modifier.
And added a new array modifier to duplicate the ring of bricks along the Z axis.

But this last array is doing something wrong, there is a little displacement. I’ve applied the transformations of the original brick and set the origin several times to try to solve the problem… I don’t know if depends on the size of the circle I’ve added or what…


puerta_002.blend (626 KB)

Who bout this?
mzBrickSmall.blend (94.8 KB)