Curve deform: Moving the path instead of the object?

I wan to do a object that looks like a waveform , so i parented it to a curve , if i move the object it deforms right , but what i want is to rotate,move the curve and while the object is in the same place the curve passes through it and deforms it.

Can i do this?

One hack I think would be to keyframe the object and then copy those IPOs over to the curve and then to flip them. I know you are looking for a neater way but that is my best suggestion right now.


no that’s not posible because the object dont move in circles , it moves straigh and like it is parented to the curve that’s why it moves in circles.

Any other suggestions.

How about a copy location constraint?
The object has a curve modifier, as you described.
Add an empty then use this as the target for a copy location constraint on the mesh. This should keep the object stationary.

I don’t know what your final objective is, but can’t you just rotate the camera around the center of the curve to keep the camera in front of the object while it is moving around the curve?

Thanx grafix , your idea is the one that gets closer to what i want , but the object still moves.
if i move the curve , yes , the object deforms , but it still dont stay in the same place , it moves.

Could you check this new .blend file please? ( the old one is above)

The reason i dont want the object to move is because i want to add some stuff in the backgroud , and if the camera is moving its then imposible.


I follow you up through the deform part.

You can animate the path as an object, just by selecting it an keyframing it via I.
You can change the shape of the path curve by using shape keys.
But, afaik, the only thing that deforms another object is a Lattice…and the lattice box can be shape keyed as well, and moved via Ipos…

You’re right, it is harder than it seems…
It seems like curve deform carries the mesh along with it, even if the mesh is not parented to the curve (just using the curve deform modifier, not the old way of parenting the mesh to the curve first…) And it overrides the copy location constraint on the mesh to the empty, someway…?! Perhaps it is a bug that can be corrected, perhaps not. I don’t know. But it looks like your setup is not going to work.:frowning:
You could try lattice, as suggested, or perhaps B-Bones. Or maybe curve deformed mesh but with a shorter curve with animated hooks on the nodes. A short 3d path with 5 or so nodes attached to hooks should do the trick.

How about something like this?

I used your mesh, added a curve deform modifier to it, then added hooks to the nodes of the curve. Then I created a mesh circle with the same number of vertices as there are hooks. Then added more empties at the vertices of the circle. Regular empties, not hooks, this time. Then I vertex parented the empties to the respective vertices. Then I applied copy location constraints to the hooks vs empties… one hook, one empty, copy location on z axis only… Then I animated the mesh circle (rotation on the y axis). The result is a corresponding sine motion on your mesh. :eyebrowlift:
You can alter the speed of the animation by scaling the nla keys. Or perhaps add some irregularities on the rotation or even keyframe an irregular scale on the mesh circle if you want something non-uniform…
Hope it helps.