Curve deform object must be a curve.....but it IS a curve!!!

Okay, I’m at my whit’s end - I must be missing something obvious somewhere.
I’m making a chain; tried a couple of different methods, but the same error when I go to get the chain to follow a path or bezier curve. I built the first chain link (tried using both a torus or bezier circles), set it up with an empty as a modifier to rotate and position each link.
Then I put in a path or a bezier curve, and the moment I try and apply the curve either into the array “Fit to curve length” modifier, or the curve modifier, I get the “Error: Curve deform object must be a curve.”

Ummmm… it IS a curve!

Using blender 2.49b, windows XP on a quad core.


get 2.55 beta, there is a chain-addon there, where you can create awesome chains in just a few click :slight_smile: