Curve defroming problem :S

Hey there!

Im trying to build an animated chain with a curve and a driver, when I move the driver, the chain rotates nicely
around the curve, however, I added another mesh that moves along with the chain, the problem is that this mesh deforms when turning around the curve (see image below), what can I do? is there a solution or other way around it?

Another problem I have is that this object is attached to other object and all this is parented to an emty cube, but when I move it its a mess, how can I properly parent this? I leave a couple of images and the blend file (deformed).

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the bad english :S.


deformed.blend (766 KB)

Yees, it’s using a curve deform modifier, so it deforms. The chain also gets deformed.

  1. None of the objects had scale applied, which means you’re looking at different size object than what the tools and modifiers see. Those operate on object data (mesh, spline) level. Modifier values don’t match what is in the viewport. Same happens with unapplied object rotation, so modifier axes don’t match what you’re seeing. Ctrl+A -> scale to apply.

  2. The curve you had was crap. Too many handles and not evenly distributed either. Made another one, then added a plane with array and curve deform just like the chain, and used face duplication to put a flap on each so it follows the curve without deforming.

  3. Parented everything to an empty which can rotate the whole assembly. Added two keyframes with constrant extrapolation to the cube that moves the chain and the flaps, so it can move at a constant speed.

It would be better to use an armature for the controls. If not for other reason, it’s easy to reset the transformations on all bones in pose mode, which is not as easy with just objects.


deformed2.blend (114 KB)

Excellent! you solved everything, thank you :)!!