Curve EDIT mode viewport display

Hi there, I have just simple but annoying behavior since today with Blender.

I was used to different viewport display when I enter Curve edit mode. It looked somethnig similar to X-Ray. it automatically switched to this view, so it was easy to see curve when in edit mode. I do not know what I did accidentaly, or what setting I changed that it does not work like this anymore…I have to enter Xray mode manually since this morning :smiley :smiley:
Do someone know why? See screens

Thanks for the help

actual view when enter curve edit mode

desired (automatic) curve edit mode



Hi Ozgur, thank You, but that is setting I know about. It just makes Xray all scene like alt-z. But regardless if I am in Edit mode or Object mode so I have to turn Xray off and on with shortcut or icon.
I dont know what the setting was, but I worked with curves a lot and it was always automatic, or I am stupid maybe :smiley: Because I really cannnot have the same bevaiour when editing curve like before.
It just switched to Xray view when entered curve edit mode and turned it off when gone back to object mode…