Curve editing: curve display, "edge" highlighting? segment highlighting in Curves?

I’m editing a complex curve and realized that, unlike point/edge/face editing the segments of the curve are not highlighted in the same way that an Edge is gradiantly highlighted when one Point is selected in Edit mode.

On a busy screen such highlighting would be a great aid in separating out all the wireframe lines. But since there are so many permutations of display in Blender I wanted to check first if there is a way to see such a thing before trotting over to and requesting a feature. IOW, is there a switch I need to turn on to get this feature?

I couldn’t find a way either, but I’m not an expert though.
My best bet for your problem would be to take a look at the Bezierutils addon:

It’s free and in my opinion the way a curve tool should work in the first place.

Hope that helps somehow.

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That seems very useful, I’ll have to study it more. Thanks!