Curve editing: Z axis locked


I have two objects, both referencing a different curve. In edit mode of Curve.001, the Z axis of all points are locked whereas this is not true for Curve.002. I do not know how to unlock them. I do not see any difference between the two objects and curves. I’ve narrowed the problem down to the attached example:

Test94 (54.7 KB)

Anyone knows how to unlock the Z axis when editting Curve.001?

Using Blender 2.69, Win7/64

As far as i know nether should move. On the moving one click 3d then 2d again and it also will also lock…humm??
Click 3d to move on z in edit.

Haha, yes, you’re right. It’s the other way round as you say.
Actually I have a couple of 2D curves, and it “works” with all of them but one. This made me think it’s the one that is “faulty” but. Now I should better say, it works with one but not with all the other ones.
Maybe this happend during the conversion from Text to Curve.

Anyway, thanks for pointing me to this!