Curve extrudes the wrong way

I’ve managed to get a logo from Illustrator into Blender, by first saving it to SVG, importing it into Inkscape, saving again as EPS, and finally importing that into Blender. The objects are OK, except for some apparently open curves that wouldn’t fill, but I fixed that.

Here’s my problem: I’m trying to extrude the curves. However, it seems as if both Ext1 and Ext2 worked at right angles to the direction I expected. Ext1, instead of creating a “solid object” that extends into the third dimension, enlarges the curve in the same plane, and Ext2, instead of putting beveled edges onto the “solid object” from Ext2, sets bevels onto the curve’s plane, some on one side, some on the other. I don’t know how better to explain this.

I’ve been suspecting for a while that there is some hidden vector in the curve’s vertices, and I think that I managed to fix the problem once by applying “Clear Tilt” to all vertices, but I can’t make that work again (I closed Blender right after I saw the third dimension, silly me).

Does anybody know what my problem is, and how I can fix it? TIA.

Damn. Never mind, “Apply size/rotation” fixed it. I’ve been sitting here for the better part of two days, and both my problems finally went away with two keypresses. Blender can sometimes be very depressing.