Curve extrusion problem

Hello, I have been trying to extrude a nurbs circle along a path to create piping for a chair model. I’ve tried to just use beveling the curve as well and neither seems to be working. The extrusion comes out as a much smaller squished oval, rather than the circle I’ve created. I have a feeling there must be something wrong with my path because the circle works fine on a new basic curve. This curve was created from a surface.Curve Problem.blend (452 KB) Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Unapplied and non-uniform object scale. Apply it.

That also changes the radii. Edit mode, select all, W -> set curve radius to fix that

Ahhh thank you! Somehow I have a brain block against applying. I think it has caused me a problem in the past. This was making me crazy, so I really appreciate your help!