Curve from trees 2.57 wherd it go?

Does anyone know if there is a newer version of the Python Curve to Trees script that was in 2.49.
That was the most powerful tree generator i’ve every used because of the amount of control it gives the user but I don’t have it for 2.57.

A lot of scripts have not been re-written for the new API and the ones that are often break unless supported by the foundation in official releases. However there are new tree from curves tools around just search them out.

Thanks I’ll google around and if i can’t find it mybe i’ll update the script-whew.

Not really what I wanted (though I won’t speak for einstein…7)… the old script had lots of nifty features - like it could fill out 3d shapes with branches - you could make a tree in the shape of a love-heart or a frog whatever

Was that the one made for BBB?

yes ,the problem is that there is no word from the foundation about that script but they said that most of the scripts will be ported maybe u can open a repair tread or something don’t know

yes, the link was the newer one, I was actually looking for the bbb one to but you can always generate and then append the result to your newer blend file just not as convenient. I tried to install the newer addon but for some reason when i added the addon and tried to check off the box to enable it it wont check - must be missing somthing , mybe a suggestion?