Curve Groom Switch Hotkey

Is there a hotkey to quickswitch between curves when in groom sculpt mode? Similar to the object quickswitch feature in mesh sculpting where you can hit a hotkey to switch objects without having to go in and out of object mode. Cheers.

The operator is generic. It is same hotkey working for all types of objects.
In theory, that should work in any case.
In practice, that does not always work between objects of different types, yet.

For example, we can switch from Edit mode of a Curves object to Edit mode of a Mesh object to Edit mode of a Bezier Curve.
But we can only switch from a GP object to another GP object.
Like mode column in outliner, it is sometimes limited to object of same type.

But to switch from one Curves object to another, there should be no issue.
You just have to place mouse pointer above desired Curves object, when pressing alt Q.

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Thanks. I’ll have a look for the assigned key in the prefs as I have Alt+Q assigned to something else. I thought it used to be D for some reason?