'Curve Guide' bug on 2.53 or missed something? (w/ .blend)

Hi. First of all, sorry for my bad English:

I have a little problem which I don’t know hot to solve.
I add a plane and activate a particle system on it.
Then, I add a path and place his origin point near the plane, and set on it a “curve guide” force field, check “use max” box and set "maximum distance to 0.5.
When you advance some frames, it works perfectly, and some particles follow the path as pretended.

But if you displace both away from the coordinates origin, it stop working.
It works again when you move to the center only the path, jumping in the spacetime all the particles ‘inside’ the domain of the “maximum distance” sphere.

This happens in the 2.53 beta version (r30581), but not in 2.49.

Do you know what’s happening? Did I miss something?
Thank you very much.


ParticlesJump.blend (128 KB)

It looks like a bug to me.

Thank you, It seems like the position of the emmiter read by the path arn’t his real coordinates, but always (0,0,0)
I’ve just register on blender.org and i’ve seen the bug was reported, so sorry for my rash threat