Curve guides affecting stuff I don't want them to!

I have 2 particle systems at work in my scene. One is to have a swarm of flies, and the other is some fur on the flies. I use curve guides to guide the many flies, but at the same time what that does is really mess up the fur on the fly (and I mean REALLY mess it up!).

Is there any way to make the curve guides only affect one particle system?

Have you tried setting the MaxDist on the cuves themselves? Click the Use button and set MaxDist.

That won’t help. I want the curve guides to only affect a certain particle system. The way it’s setup now, there are many particles which are duplicates of object, and each object also has particle hair on them, particle hair that the curve guides are seriously messing with.

Just to be clear, your fly mesh is on a different layer, correct? field effects only work on one layer. If your fly mesh(with its fur particle system) is moved to another layer, I don’t think it will affect the fur.

I haven’t tested this, I could be wrong. It’s a suggestion. there may not be a solution.

You are right, Azure, put your particle emitters and curves on separate layers. If you separate your particle systems by layers, they should only go for the curves on those layers.