Curve guides Question

Is it possible to have curve guides follow the deformation of an object?

What you could maybe do is add hooks to the curve guide by selecting each vertex and doing ctrl-h then choose empty. Then go into edit mode of the deforming mesh and select a vertex, then ctrl-right-click the hook/empty and hit ctrl-p. This will parent the curve hook to the mesh vertex. Then select the hook/empty and clear origin and location (alt-o and alt-g).

Now when the mesh deforms, the hook will follow the movement of the vertex and so the curve guide should follow the deformation. It’s not a very flexible method but I can’t see how else to do it in Blender. Blender could really use a follow surface constraint. I’ve seen it for NURBs surfaces but I’m sure it would be possible for subd surfaces.

thanks, i’ll give it a go. So you can create hair for a character and style it with guides, but you cant rig that character and have the guides and hair follow the deformation and stick to the head?

Parent the guides to the head bone.


To the head bone rather than the armature? i take it thats acchieved the same way as parenting to a vertex? (at work at the moment, so cant try yet) Do the influence fields (min dist and falloff ) go with the deformation after doing that?

Fligh…You’re a star! just ran blender on work system…haha paid to work on blender (for 10 mins at least anyway). I’m amazed at how blinkered i become and bogged down in trying to find workarounds and the answer is right in front of me. Thanks!