Curve line inconsistency between Point and Direction option

Hi there,

did anyone notice that if i feed the curve line node with two vectornodes, that it changes direction the moment i switch from Point to Vector mode on the Curve Line Node? For my understanding that shouldn´t be the case because the direction is clearly defined by start and endpoint…

Could anyone please explain if I am wrong?

thank you all


yesterdays alpha 3.5 seems ok?

re-read yr poblem and added vector nodes


still ok.


Ah yes, of course, direction.

Which direction are you going in? 1,1,1 will give you a diagonal direction.

its a direction, not the same as start and end points.

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Hi Alpha Channel,

could you explain in what way it makes a difference? I know that there must be a difference between direction and Endpoint, but I cannot wrap my head around this…

I mean if I only look at the direction of the vector (line) and ignore the length of the Line, shouldn´t both curve lines run through the same two points (start and end) ?

hope that helps.

Hi Alpha Cannel,

thank you for your setup - good idea to visualize it like this.

I think I got it.
There´s actually a difference, which will become obvious if your starting point is not world origin:

because the curve line node uses the global transform matrix for its “Points” option whereas it uses local transform matrix when you chose the “Direction” option.