Curve material transform

I have textured curve with hooks (Empty):

when I transform the curve I get:

but I’d need animation/transformation to:

Any idea how to make it?

I attach the project.

Stripes.blend (479.6 KB)

Hey, Turn it into a mesh, unwrap it so it has UV’s, set your texture coords to UV, get rid of those hooks and use the lattice with a ‘shape key’ to get the bend, you can animate it too

I tried. It does not work. Lattice deforms object in a different way.

Ok, add shape key to mesh its self

Finally I used Lattice. It does not look exactly what I wanted but it’s ok.
Anyway it would be great to be able to distort textures with curves.

You may be able to - but I would guess its not an easy set-up, but you can alter texture coords in the material node editor and animate them.