Curve mesh object to circle surface

Hi Forum,

I really new to blender and I guess is only trying to do some very basic stuff.

I would like to bend the model consisting of 4 meshed objects onto the surface of a circle so that the model takes the curve of the circle.

How can that be done. I have tried bending to a bezier curve but think that only can be done with a single meshed object at a time…?

Hope you can help



You could do that if the objects origins are in the same place or axis of curves direction. Please, next time include blend file, it will be much easier that way to solve your problem.

Those are molecules.

Those are in fact an atomic structure (so you are absolutely right eppo) and I have already used the pdb file import tool:)

However, I am not 100% certain how to use the Sverchok add-on, and I cannot seem to upload my .blender file…:frowning:


What you mean to bend?
But why curve modifier cannot handle?
Have you file?