Curve Modifier creates uneven distribuition of object

Per the image below, I took a plane and added two modifiers, the first is array and the second is a curve. Here is my problem, if you look at the right side of the image you will notice the each piece of film is smaller (the correct size), but as you get to the middle and left side its almost as if the plane was scaled to be twice its original width. Looking for something will make the film look more consistent.

Any ideas?

It kind of looks like the points of your curve are vector.

Select the curve.
Put the curve in edit mode.
Press A-Key to select all points.
Press SHIFT-H to make all the points free vectors.
TAB-Key to exit edit mode and observe the results.

I did something similar (deploy a mesh along a path using an array) with my sci-fi hallway if you want to take a look.


ras_sci-fi_hallway_1c.blend (370 KB)

Thanks Atom… again, I think it worked