Curve modifier on extruded curve?

To get used to blender I started with an project that seemed very easy to me: Modeling a snowboard. (Later on I’ll make the bindings :smiley: and textures).

I started
>importing a background picture
>set up a shape for the board
>extrude the shape with “Curve an Surface”
>and now, I try to bend the nose and tail of the board with the curve modifier.I made the curve for the modifier 3D.

Unluckily nothing happens. It seems to be the wrong way to do that.
I also made the a wikibooks example with a plane. this worked quit well. How would you do that? Maybe change the boards shape curve to a mesh, extrude the mesh, use subsurf for high res and then use the curve modifier?

Solutions welcome!
Thanks a lot

PS I hope my english is good enough for you to understand

English is good enough - but an image of what you’re trying to accomplish, sure would help. :wink:
To “extrude” the curve, type in the name of the “path object” in the bevob (Bevel object). (It could be the other way around - you type in the “extruded shape” perhaps - I’m a bit tired now. Sorry.

thanks for answering - even if you’re tired :wink:

Here is a screenshot… argh…forget it. got it. It is working :o Even if (I think) I did the same steps before. I made the tutorial in the wiki… and didn’t get it.
anyway it’s working.

Thx for help … even if I’m a little confused now.