Curve modifier on Text

I am not sure how to make this text convex than concave. I am trying to bulge in the other direction without flipping the text. Please see

Any help will be great. Thanks.

Go into edit mode on the curve, select everything and do Segments -> Switch Direction, then rotate the the curve (still in edit mode) to put the text where you want it.

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Works great :slight_smile:

I got everything working now. But when I use object mode and try to move the text, it bends ( related to the curve ? ). The only way out is to convert the text to a mesh. It would be great if there is any method where we can move it in object mode and still keep it as a text. Thanks.

Yes, as it’s still affected by the modifier. The solution is to either move both the text and the curve together, or move the curve’s points in edit mode. Latter can be shifted to object mode via the use of a Hook modifier on the curve: select all points and do Control Points -> Hooks -> Hook to New Object. This will make a new Empty in the scene which you can move in object mode, and it’d take the curve’s points with it. Good for moving, not so good for rotating though.

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