Curve Modifier Problem

Hey everyone, I am making a short film where I want to model and animate a sort of tentacle using the curve modifier, but the tentacle is behaving in a strange way when following the curve.
It doesn’t follow in the right location, the scale changes when adding the curve modifier, and it also stretches.

Here is the blend file :

Does anyone know how to fix this problem ?

Thanks for any help !

These are caused by

  • origins not being at the start of each
  • location is not matched
  • curve has its radius changed and is set to get that into account when deforming in object data properties of the curve. Could disable it, or reset the radius with all handles selected
    Deform mesh along curve

  1. I also aligned the local rotation to the starting face, and then aligned the object to the world axes, to match the deform axis
  2. It deforms and follows the curve but a new problem arise
  3. the deforms are angled, even though the curve resolution is the maximum. I can’t remember if I’ve ever ran into this problem or how to fix it. Maybe someone else knows

Here’s the reduced file up to that point
CurveBugfix12.blend (242.3 KB)


Thank you so much for helping me :grin: !

It’s finally fixed !
I did what you said and it didn’t fix my problem, but then I found the solution ; for some reason the curve resolution was set at 12, changing it to 1024 fixed it !
It was still not aligned tho, but following your steps made it work perfectly, thank you for the help :grinning: !