Curve Modifier, Problems and factors, Need help!

Hey all, Im modelling a baseball, and have a curve following the seam, i have created a single thread and have an array that fits it to the seam.

Now, when ever i try and add a curve modifier it goes a bit wacko, im following a tut and his works fine. but the array of models curves but in a way i cannot understand, i have tried messing with the axis options at the bottom of the modifier etc. but nothing seems to make it work

So my question is, what are the factors that make this go smoothly? if you know what i mean, does the object have to be at a certain place in the curve? or is its orientation important? do i need to apply rotation/scale/location? what sort of factors do i need to know about that effect the curve modifier in general…

Let me know if im not being clear, but i come across this problem often and would like to know how to solve it in all situations

thanks for any help

can you post the .blend so we can have a look?

This is the file

Thanks for helping

there are (at least) two ways of doing this:

  1. add an array modifier (fixed count, relative offset = 1) to the stitch.
    and then add a curve modifier to the stitch
    this method didn’t work easily for me either, and it tends to distort the stitch
  2. use dupliframes. see this wiki page
    delete all modifiers.
    for the curve, under object data, path animation, set the number of frames (duplicates, around 70, i guess) and choose follow
    for the stitch, under object, duplication, choose frames and uncheck speed
    position the stitch exactly as you would like it to sit

under relations, choose the circle as the parent object
then hit alt o to clear the origin of the stitch and it should be looking pretty good
adjust the position and rotation of the stitches if you need
and also the number of stitches
you may also need to tweak the curve here and there
BaseballDupli.blend (408 KB)

a pretty decent model btw, good topology

Hey Steve thanks for replying, I will be finishing that model in a moment but i want to do it the array way.
this is because im having the same god damn problem everytime i attempt to use curves and its so frustrating, Im trying to model a spiral staircase, so i create a spiral curve, and a step, i add an array with the correct Z offset and make array fit to curve,

then i add a curve modifier for the spiral and BAM it goes tits up, it just doesnt ever work for me, i must be doing the same thing wrong everytime,

is it the object center? what sort of factors make it work smoothly??

I really need to know so that i can use this method when i need it.

Thanks for help

I have the same problem as well. I am using Blender to create an image for my project and want to arrange a series of spheres around a larger sphere. Everytime I make an array, it just goes all over the place. Will prob try the dupliframe method.

I am no source of expert advice, but can make one suggestion after dealing with all the woes mentioned.

Finally got object ( a staircase array) to follow curve as I wanted by using a path type and not a bezier. It worked very, very much better.

Also, if say your front view follows the Z,X axis and your top view is say X and Y axis, then lay your curve facing top view and flat on the X,Y plane, any upward elevation of the object should be the object itself (ie Z axis elevation), don’t try a 3D curve with Z axis height, select 2D and keep it on the XY plane.

As I said, I am no expert on curve modifier, but this was easiest to work in my case.

@naeiji - can you post a blend?
@chip - nice staicase! the balustrade work is amazing. interesting that path worked better than bezier. afaik path is a nurbs curve

steeve: afaik path is a nurbs curve

It is.

Using duplis is great for sphericals, thanks for the tip. The baseball blend on close-up shows same problem I had doing one some time ago, the stitches would come up from sphere surface, found no way to get them to lay on surface right. I resorted to scaling down so you couldn’t notice it.

This curve modifier could use an in depth tut somewhere.

This curve modifier could use an in depth tut somewhere
agreed. i would love to have a go, but time is not on my side right now…

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