curve modifier tilting uncontrollably


i am trying to create a seat of some kind,
i created a mesh, edges+verts only that would be the cross section of the soft seat part
then i converted it into a curve
then i took a plane, subdivided and curve-modified it onto that curve:

  1. its automaticly tilted so these cones appear and it looks wonky “folded”

  2. also one of the two round edges is always flipped from convex to concave
    i tried to flip the direction of normals in edit-mode on these parts (like its utilised by the solidify modifier),
    it doesnt do anything

please help :o


Just upload the .blend file please. A couple of factors control how the plane will act in conjunction with the curve modifier.

ok mac is broken, so i cant upload the blend file…

so, to fix ur scene, try CTRL + A to apply rotation and scale on both the curve, and the mesh. also do alt+A to reset location on both.
if this did not work, do it from scratch:

start a new scene
add a curve, and do alt+G to make sure its centered.
make the shape you want to use, do NOT scale, rotate, or move it in object mode! or if you do, CTRL + A to apply them.

then add a plain, alt+A to make sure its centered
with the plain selected, add an array modifier, set count to fit to curve. select the curve in the array modifier
with the plain still selected, add a curve modifier. make it follow the curve.

at this point, if everything is done correctly, you should have a long plain following the curve.
then add another array modifier on the bottom, and keep count to “fixed count” or whatever its called, the default one. and array it along the correct axses.

Keep it simple:

@@MediumSolid: heres the file

@@FinalBarrage: i reset scale+rotation+location, it didnt help, i will try from scratch later

it seems that you are not recommending the mesh-to-curve method, why?

one more thing i did was to set the curves y-dimensions to 0, now the plane is also flat on any deform axis in the curve-mod settings (just for the sake of documentation)

@@eppo: sorry, i didnt explain enaugh, i wanted to displace the plane with seat profile like shown below(i really wanted to “stretch” the fabric onto the curve and play around with different displacement-maps):


or just use the curve… lol ignore me im a moron :slight_smile:
i never use curve so i never think about using it.