Curve modifier

I am trying to bend a plane based on a Bezier curve. Sadly, it would bend only based on one axis and won’t bend the full curve. Looks like I am missing some basic rules. I have attached the file. It would be great if someone can help me fix it. Thanks.

Plane Blend 2.blend (540.1 KB)

A plane made of 1 face can’t be bent. You need more geometry.

Set the curve origin to the curve’s starting point.
Set the plane origin to “stating” edge of the plane.
Move the plane so the 2 orgins are in the same place.
Set the curve modifier to X deformation axis.


Subdivide the plane on the Y axis based on the resolution you need.
Use an array modifier before the curve modifier.

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I am not sure how to do this :frowning_face:

I am using Subdivide. But not sure how to make it work on Y axis. I tried curve modifier with X axis. Please see

I tried values 5 and 10 for subdivide. But nothing happens.

Increase the number of cuts and you will have enough subdivisions to bend the surface.
You could also add loop cuts in the direction of your X axis

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Loop cuts helped. But now the shape of the plane depends on the curve. I cannot delete it from the scene.

Not sure I am getting the message.
The shape of the plane depends on the curve you assigned in the modifier. If you want to “bake” that action just click apply in your modifier tab.

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I was trying to say that the curve will accompany the plane wherever it go. Can we make the curved plane independent ? Thanks.

Click Apply in the curve modifier.

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Awesome. Thanks both of you :slight_smile: