curve modifier

Okay, I am trying to follow this video tutorial using an array modifier with a curve. But the minute I add that curve modifier, I do not get the same result. The author’s array follows the curve all nice and neat and mine goes in some strange direction which most definitely does not follow the curve, and the shape of the objects becomes progressively more distorted. The tutorial is kinda hard to follow, there is no sound and the guy goes really fast, so maybe he is doing a step that I am missing. The method seems like it would be very useful, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it.

Most likely your curve and the mesh don’t have the same up axis . Just change the X Y Z -X -Y -Z buttons and see if that fixes it (it usually does) . If not try again but this time make sure to create all objects (mesh/empty/curve) in the top view (Numbpad 7) . And the default X setting should work .