Curve on the object

Can anyone point me to a tutorial or describe how to perform such an object, very hard to start

To start, you might want to learn the concepts of proportional editing and subdivision surface modeling.

One way that this can be done is that you have a UI sphere in the middle and round meshes on the top and bottom that you taper into a point (using proportional edit). After that, you would use proportional editing to twist all of the meshes and select the edges that will become the lines. Finally, you bevel those edges to get lines and delete the faces that are not in the created loops. (add a solidify modifier or some extrusion and you’re done).

Not sure, but screw modifier may help.
I can recomend this tutorial about basic modeing and screw modifier.

Also, try to check simple deform modifier.

Why do you think this is 3D? It’s much easier to do in 2D graphics, and unless you saw it animated I would assume that’s how it was done.
That said, one way to simulate this in 3D (even if the original is not) would be nested toroidal surfaces (doughnuts) with an inside radius of 0. The stripes and transparency would be entirely image mapped.

After that you can use proportional editing as Dragon said to twist the verticals.

I made some progress

please see and guide what to do next

I made some progress

please see and guide what to do next