Curve or bevel help

Hey everyone , ı need a quick help for blender . After implementing faucet the edges and face not converting the curved (not corret as u can see from refarence.)

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to BA :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say why this is happening, could you share a picture of your wireframe?


Ah ok you have some n-gons in there that don’t shade very well. Ideally those would be quads but you might be able to get away with triangulating them

would u show me pls how to do that ?

Select Menu > Faces by Side > Greater Than or Equal to 5 > W > Triangulate

i tried but not worked

That seems like it helped - you might also try adding a weighted normals modifier, which should help even more

still same :frowning:

It’s a fairly nasty angle you’ve got there, I don’t know that you’re going to get a perfect result without some intense retopology to get a good quad flow… one thing you could try though is using a multires modifier, getting a version super high poly in sculpt mode, and then baking those hi-poly normals onto your lower poly model

yeah low poly how can i make have u got a idea ?