Curve Problem

Hi, new to blender, have tried some modelling in the past with 3DC but decided try try getting into blender. Trying to get used to the new interface i decided to start as a complete newbie, I found the ‘Blender 3D Design Course’ and decided to use that working my way through the lessons.

All has went well and have been working my way through the ‘Stephensons Rocket’ Tutorial, this has went well untill I have to make the curve for the smoke stack, I am sure i have followed the tutorial to the letter but things are going wrong and am struggling to get the shape i need. I have managed to get the right shape by varying from the tutorial but causing the object to move along a different axis away from the view, moving back does strange things!

The Tutorial PDF can be found Here, Pages 158-170


Here are a few shot of what is happening to me:

The Object extended and separated from the stack

The curve is added rotated 90 degrees around x axis and placed but not yet applied

Here the Modifier is created, stack curve selected and y axis selected, insert shows image from tutorial, seems something is wrong at this point, editing curve does all sorts of strange things but after a lot of time decide it wont go

Here i have found a workaround, moving the object up along z axis drops the mesh down along the curve (note: object centre point)

Here i have edited curve and have the object as desired in front view

But as i go to solid view and rotate around i see the stacks no longer line up, i tried to move object along y axis but this does not move directly along y axis making it very difficult to line up

I realise this tutorial is for an older version of Blender, has the use of the curve modifier changed with versions or can anyone see where i have gone wrong?

Thanks for reading and would appreciate any help



Can you upload .blend with only this cylinder.002 and curve at least?

why using curve modifier, why not use spin tool? its better for simple curves.

Hi thanks for the replies,

@duke, i am following a tutorial and it says to use the curve, haven’t come across the spin tool yet.

@zezic, have made a new model cylinder and added a curve and doing the same thing, i have been trying to attach this file to here but it wont attach for some reason.

On the manage attachments window i have selected add file, browsed to the file, opened then clicked upload. There is a spinning icon but no sign of the file, is there another way to make this file available?

Have tried attaching blend file and zipped file but no use



Ok, apply the curve modifier, then move your mesh.
If still the problem remains, then delete the mesh with curve modifier. duplicate the pipe vertices, separate them and extrude till the required length.
Before adding the curve modifier, choose your front view , put your 3d cursor to bottom of the mesh (which you want to add curve modifier). Deselect all meshes. Add a curve modifier , move it’s point as you like.
Your mesh will remain at its position in side / front view, only the curved part will change its position.
I hope this clarifies.
(Your mesh is not in place due to some change in location etc)
Check the attached file. (note point of origin) - Also, u can change the position of curved mesh , by selecting both mesh and curve then changing the location.

hi thanks, i found that when i had clicked apply the object began to move as it should and was able to place it properly