curve projection


how can I project a curve (circle) on an object surface.

or how can I curve an edge to make it a circle.


You can use the ‘To Sphere’ function of the Mesh Tools tab to do that. There’s a nice video tutorial at BlenderNewbies that describes doing that to extend a cylinder from the surface of a flat mesh.

Essentially, you select the vertices that you want to make into a circle, do a Shift-S and snap the cursor to the selection, then click ‘To Sphere’ to move them into a circle around the cursor.

thanks Captain.


and for the projection? i think I have seen a tutorial about in the net. it seems to be very usefful for modeling!

Look for the blendersculp cvs. The retopo button does this with meshes, i.e, projects the selected vertices of one mesh onto the surface of the one behind it in the z axis of your monitor. Very useful. Just learned how it works today myself. There is another script which converts selected edges to curves.
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