Curve proyection

Hello every body!!

I need to proyect a curve on a mesh, but i don’t know how, and i suppose it not to be easy without a specific tool.

An example: You got a circle or any curve and you want to proyect it on a sphere surface. There is any way to do it in blender???

Thanks for watching…

Use Y in edit mode to split the edges from the object, then use the “Edges to Curve” script in the Scripts window under Mesh.


Thanks Flight but i don’t understand you.

I did it, but nothing happends. Surely i don’t understand you or i didn’t explain correctly. I wanna to proyect the curve to the surface, this image explain better what i want to do. Is a Rhinoceros capture. It has a tool which permits you proyect any curve to any surface. My cuestion is, there is any form to do the same thing in Blender? How?

Ok, I misunderstood you; see this script:

May not work with 2.42 though. If it doesn’t then contact toloban who I’m sure will fix it.


That’s i was looking for. Thanks a lot. I owe you a cold beer.