curve questions??

i want to ask if anyone know of a proper way to convert curves to mesh that divides all regions with the same amount, a shot of what i’m talking about here:

is it possible to have even divisions?? is there a turn around.

another thing is can in some way define exactly the uv’s of a curve instead of just using object, generated, etc… mapping methods ?

You can evenly distribute the vertices of your resulting mesh with the Space function in the LoopTools addon

there is also a script doing a better conversion

ask in python forum don’t remember what the name is !

happy 2.6

Space function in the LoopTools
i didn’t see that before thanks, nice function and does somewhat the work, the problem is i have many curves with different lengths between the points, and i want to have the same lengths on each and every one of them.

ask in python forum don’t remember what the name is !

you mean curve tools?

thanks for helping.

no remember it was used to convert text 3D with better results for the mesh

i’ll try to remember where i saw this

i have it on my disk so have to really search this one

this was a few months ago !

Curve to Uniform Mesh

but may not work in latest built
if you change it upload again

cannot find the thread

tried it in latest SVN and not working !

should be in tool shelf but i guess registration problem

curvetouniformesh1.blend (360 KB)

hi recky
thanks for the addon

i fixed the registration problem, you can search the operators to find it under ‘uni’
still i don’t see the options, working on that.
but indeed it does convert to a better mesh than the original operator.

curvetouniformesh1.blend (593 KB)

ok it works again

first ime tried got this error and no panel in tool shell

ui_do_but_textedit: utf8 char ‘2’

so what is i this error never seen this one before !

sorry tried it again and you need to get the class with the search tool

i would prefer to see this inside a tool pro panel would be easier to use !

i do remember that it seems to do a much nicer job

would also be nice to see it added to the forum for scripts if not there yet

but have to test if this work for everytype of objects

on what objects did you test this ?


on what objects did you test this ?
it is designed to work on curves and text only i think.