Curve segmentation


So I made this wallpaper:

And there are visible segments in the tops of wave. It’s an extruded curve, with DefResolU 6 and RenResolU 0 (which means DefResolU is used from how i interpret the tooltip). I tried cranking the later up to 12, which made no visible difference. So what can I do to get it all smooth?

hm. it is almost invisible at a lower resolution, so maybe just try rendering it larger, and scaling the image down? a simple cheat, but an immediate workaround, if you need it.

but as to the actual problem? RenResolU refers to render time resolution, so it should be at least equal, or higher resolution to the display resolution. you could also double check your BevResol ( bevel resolution ) but the best solution may simply be to add more control points around the sharp curves, by subdividing.

jim ww