Curve shape

Hi guys, hopefully a simple one. Any ideas how to model a curve that spirals back in on itself like this example?
Thanks in advance!

Grab an elastic band and cross it several times. There you go.
That is actually 2 objects.

So are you saying it doesn’t even connect up? Like the ends are just hidden away behind it?

Yes. Either that or there is a hidden 180’ turn. One set of rings rotate clockwise. The other anti.

OK cool, thanks. I can probably figure out how to make something similar knowing that now. :smiley:

Extra curves objects add-on? (I think that kind of looping is in the set of curves it adds. There’s one that follows back over itself at a more precise spacing than doing it manually.) And follow path constraint? Not sure how else to approach it.

Sorry I missed your response, I’m playing around with those extra curves now, there are some good ones. Thanks!