Curve to create pre-modeled fence units with preserved individual position/rotation?


To quickly explain what am I going for here. I create add on maps for Grand Theft Auto. And I’m wondering, if there’s a way how I could procedurally “line up” fence units that are already existing objects in the game. So, ideally, a curved array with instanced copies of this fence unit inside Blender could be created and all data such as position and rotation could still be preserved, so I could transfer data into the game’s mapping meta file.

My issue is that I’m unsure how to “convert” that curved array into individual pieces of fence, if that makes sense :slight_smile:

If anyone could advise on how to do this last step, I’ll be grateful!

fencing_sample.blend (453.7 KB)

Hmm… if you directly (not via parent of fenceholder.009) Array modify your propfnclink_3h with option Fit Curve on fencing_line and then Curve modify you almost get what you want… (i see one triangle going crazy)… hmm this is the control point at ~ x=2568, y=4210 … move it slightly and… is thatwhat you want?

That doesn’t seem to work

Ok, I forgot to add Curve modifier again.

But even then, what I actually want to do is to procedurally plate all those fence units alongside the curve, but being able to pick them up individually afterwards, each with their own and respective placement and rotation data.

Not just as a single, joined, newly created mesh. Is that possible somehow?