Curve to edges

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to convert a closed curve to mesh with no faces. That is the curve becomes just a single loop of edges. The reason is I’m importing a curve generated in Inkscape and want to use it to Cookie cut a hole in a mesh. But when I convert it to a mesh it insists on filling it with faces.

Hit the C Key to make the curve open, then hit Alt+C and convert to mesh. You might have to edit it a bit but that should get you where you want to be.

Why open the curve since what is wanted is a loop ?

To get a loop and not a filled mesh you must firs ensure that the curve is 3D, not 2D only. The button for that is in the ‘Curve and Surface’ panel of the Edit buttons (F9), next to ‘Front’ and ‘Back’. Then you use the Alt-C shortcut to convert your curve into mesh.
You may find it useful to know that the number and position of the normals (the arrows all around a 3D curve) reflect exactly where the vertices will be once the curve is converted to a mesh. You can control their density (and the smoothness of the curve) with the DefResolU parameter on the same panel.


Hmm … I thought I already posted this reply but … Thanks guys, Jean in particular, that worked just perfectly, I’ve been trying to get that to work for ages! The point about the normals is particularly useful!