Curve to Empty Chain script help?

I know this is not specifically for the bge, but many of the ‘regulars’ of this section know a lot of python.
If the author of the B.R.I.K system was to check, that would be handy!
What i am about to query is the Blender Pyapi. NOT the game engine API
Script for Curve to empty “chain”?

			   						 							 							 						 						 							 						 				 					 						 							Hi guys, i'm working on a constrain system in the GE, which  allows the player to move forward and backward, with no left and right ,  whilst turning corners, by using trackto and a list of empty 'nodes'

My question is as this process takes a long time, is there a way to convert a curve into a number of empties, depending on the “sharpness” of the curve, then edit a script file to add the names of the empties to an array?…nder/curve.png

I don’t know how to do that with python but I think there is a better way to achieve the desired effect.
If you just want to move the player along a set path I would recommend using an F-curve Actuator with a property to control the F-curve. Here is a simple blend. Does this work for you? PlayAnimation.blend (467 KB)
This was done in blender 2.5. Let me know if you want a 2.49b example.

Thanks, but it’s a constraint system, where by the player is always tracking to nodes, along an axis, s o you can move round corners without steering.