curve to hair ?

is it possible to convert curves to hair ?
or create one hair between two points ?


you can use curves as guides for hair. you need to enable a forcefield " curve guide" at the curve and now the the hair deforms when you deform the curve.
For one hair between two points you could create a new particle hair system set the number to 0 and create one single hair in particle edit mode where you need it . do the same with like before. with that curve guide forcefield you can manipulate the endpoints.

thank you
the curve guide work fine ; and the second trick to create one hair between two points i don’t understand the steps

o.k. create a new hair particle system with zero hairs emitting. create a new
curve an set it to guide force field. Set that curve to a group by pressing
“strg g” and name this group maybe to “single hair”. place this curve at your
hair emitting surface where you need the single hair. after that select your
mesh with the particle system with zero hairs(that 0 hair particle system needs to be selected too). switch to particle edit mode. set editing mode to “add” and “count” to 1. create a new hair at the same place
where the curve is palced. leave particle edit mode. under “field weights” >
“effector group” in that particle systems click and choose the group to “single
hair” like named before. now the single hair should be placed inbetween the
start and endpoint of the curve.
hopefully everything is understandable… should work… ask again if you stuck
inbetween my bad english :wink: sorry about that.

thank you very much ; it’s clear and helpful ; works fine :slight_smile:
my goal is to create spider cobweb using hair ; i think this is the first step

o.k. cool. depends realy on what you need to do. dont belliefe that hair simulations like that can do a spiderweb simulation. But maybe you are the men who can do it. If you need it for animation it would be maybe better to use simple ways like maybe a high res texture on a subdiv plane and some hooks at the endpoints of the textures spider ropes.... and so on. simulating a spiderweb with wind and physics like you maybe try to do with that hair particels wont work… im sure… but maybe you have a new idea or technic… Maybe you could try cloth sim if you realy need it physical simulated… What ever… :wink: good luck and would be cool to see your spider web:)

thank you
i just want try ; with your useful tips it need to model the cobweb than convert every curve to hair
thank you again :slight_smile: