curve to surface

Is there a way to project or apply a curve onto a surface as there is in Alias? I basically want to cut a logo into into a surface. a curved surface.

I think you are looking for retopo. You might find it easier, though, to cut the logo into a flat surface, then bend the surface.

Projecting curves onto a surface - sounds like NURBS modeling.
In Blender it is not yet developed. You could try projecting the logo as texture and using displacement or normal mapping.
For NURBS modeling you could try MoI 3D. Very intuitive and easy to learn :wink:

i mean, could i boolean it out? I’ve been trying that and getting close. :confused:

I guess blender isn’t the most technical program on earth. i kind of fudged it, at least it looks like i want it to.

Add one curve inside another (still in Edit Mode and without “3D” pressed). When you’re done convert the curve to a Mesh (Alt-C) and either use Warp or ToSphere to curve it.