Curve Tools

Please, give screenshot of the error…


This error does not belong to the addon. But you can also give screenshot of the console window.

Please try these:

  • Remove add-on and restart Blender, and try again.
  • If not fix, remove user data on the “C:\Users<User_Name>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80” (for Windows) (especially “scripts” directory)
  • If not fix, reinstall Blender 2.80

following all the steps still getting the same error

Thanks this looks useful.

Then, please give console screen screenshot. I must see all error text…

sorry complete noob here but how do i get the console log or what is the console

On “Windows > Toggle System Console” menu. Maximize console screen and take screenshot.

Try this:

Disable all add-ons, Save Preferences, restart Blender, and only enable this add-on.

thanks but doesnt seem to work i will try to find another addon or something

Sure. But this error is not caused by this add-on.

Maybe your system not accept “.” in filename. Delete “.” character in addon file name, and try again. =>

yes that worked thanks so simple

Have fun…

What OS you use?

windows 10 64 bit

In this situation, Blender not working well with dotted file names…

I will change file names and release again…

@Hikmet I’m not so certain what the intersection function does. Can you explain?

  • Join two Bezier.
  • Move one bezier on to another
  • “Intersect” creates points on intersection point of two bezier.

This operation shown in the showcase video.

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Hi @Hikmet

Have you tried Flexi Bezier Tool ?

No, I didn’t use.

Fixed “same add-on name” error and name changed from “Curve Tools” to “Basic Curve Tools”.