Curve Tools


I’ve got a problem with the Curve Tools add-on in Blender 2.6 and where the actual changes take place.

When I loft two curves, the lofting shows up far from the original curves instead of over them
When I attempt to subdivide or split a curve, the 3d cursor shows up in a completely different place than the curve. It should trace along its path.

In this shot, you can see the three bez curves. I loft them, but the lofting ends up inverted and 180 out. Shouldn’t it be over the three curves?

I know I’ve got some switch selected improperly but have no idea where it might be. Thanks.

Thats right, the script was written long before the bmesh implementation.
Havent tested anything after that.

By that time, Blender didnt allowed me to access the objects in the order they were selected. I was able to bypass that with some custom functions that are needed to loft properly, but that looks broken.