Curve UV Texturing

Please help! How I can texturing object maked with Bezier Curve and Skew modificator? I do not need to convert it into mesh.
Curve in “Object data” menu has a section “Texture Space” and checkbox “Use UV for mapping”. How use it?

PS - Help me please, i bad know english and not being able to effectively search the forums.
PPS - On 90% translate with Google.

do the following:

  1. create a bezier-circle (thats the closed curve like a circle)
  2. in the curve-settings of this object (the little curve-icon)
    enable (click on) 2D and the circle should be drawn filled.
  3. add a new material to the curve
  4. add a texture to this material (example the coloured clouds)
  5. render … and the circle is textured in color with this cloud-texture

    … remember: only closed 2D-curves can be “filled”