Curve with corners

I have just modeled a film reel. It looks good but the edge of the reel is not smooth you can see where my verts are. I have set smooth and sub-divided them.
Also after sub-divied my computer has slowed down Alot. When i go to move something in the 3d view even on wireframe mode it takes like 10sec to get it done. I have never had this problem before.

Don’t subdivide too much. Too many vertices will makes things slow.
Instead start subsurfing already at the beginning so you know exactly how many vertices you’ll need to have things smooth.
…You DID put subsurf on right?

I have a mod. sub-surf on it and still looks blockey if thats a word.
Is there away ti get rid of some of the verts. that have made it slow. I think I sub-divided like 3 times trying to get it to look right.

Well, you can delete vertices, select four vertices and press F.
it’s so time consuming that it’ll teach you not to subdivide too much.

If you subdivided cleanly, you should be able to select entire edge loops with Alt-RMB and do X->Edge Loop.

x-edge loop error loop crosses it self.
Looks like I’m going to have to back up and punt.